About Us

About Us

We are the award winning technology and blockchain Services Company.

BIGH BULL endeavours to leverage on its high-tech technology and innovative solutions to help and support investors, traders as well as every common man; to learn, execute and maximize gains from forex, stock, crypto trading, blockchain and other technology based products and services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring strength of Scalable, Secure & Decentralized blockchain system in our day to day life and make transactions cheaper, faster and trustworthy.

Our Mission

Enable, educate and capacitize the masses to leverage on high-tech, innovative and user-friendly solutions to trade and maximize their profits along with minimizing potential losses.


Trading of stocks, foreign exchange and other commodities is an ancient business which has evolved over the last 100 years and has seen revolutionary developments. Despite sophisticated trading tools available in modern times, majority of the investors/traders burn fingers and absorb huge losses due to primarily three problems:

  • Lack of time due to occupational engagement and family priorities

  • Lack of knowledge, absence of fundamental research and analytics and propensity to trade based on hearsay and media hyped news

  • Even the well informed and regular traders are subject to human errors like emotions, lack of speed to respond on the terminal, instantaneous decision-making to take positions and also the very key issue of not being able to trade 24/7 as Global Markets operate in different time zones


Bigh Bull did a detailed research and identified these three problem areas and succeeded to create innovative and advanced technology platforms that would address all these problems.

Bigh Bull will have 11 Innovative Platforms to address the three problems mentioned above: There are three platforms (General Trading, Automated Copy Trading, BOT Trading) each for stock, crypto and forex trading, one platform to provide real time rate comparisons between top ten crypto exchangers to help traders pick the best price named COTOEX and one Educational Platform to disseminate technical education on areas such as Stock, Forex, Crypto Currency Trading and Blockchain Technologies.

Road Map

2020 Q1
Idea Generation
2020 Q2
Market Research
2021 Q1
2021 Q2
(June 2021)
ICO Private Sale Start
2021 Q4
(Nov. 2021)
ICO Public Sale Launch
2022 Q1
Copy Trading & Bot Trading,
Blockchain Platform Development
2022 Q4
Blockchain, Platform Launch and
Third-Party exchange listing/IEO
2023 Q2
Own Stable Coin launch,
Own Crypto wallet launch
2023 Q3
Launch of our own
crypto exchange
2023 Q4
Launch of Copy Trading
and BOT Trading platforms

Profitability and sustainability
of Bigh Bull

Since Bigh Bull is technologically not bound to any particular domain and has eleven platforms which are not only high-tech and AI enabled, these platforms provide perpetual growth and sustainability to the company.

This is so because there is no risk of technological obsolescence by virtue of the very nature of trading as a domain. With advancements in technology, these platforms can be tweaked and upgraded and these solutions can be perpetual in nature.

Also, the in-built flexibility of the project ensures that we can take on diverse Fin-tech assignments on to our existing platforms and also create new ones as and when the need arises. Addition of commodities and services to the existing framework is the hallmark of our project and therefore, creates an ever-increasing value for the token on any exchange.

The second most important criteria for any token to be successful on any exchange is the profitability of the project backing it. Bigh Bull has the unique advantage of having multiple revenue streams due to the diverse nature of functionalities built in to the project.

The revenue generation streams are as follows:

  • Transaction fees from all 10 trading and exchange platforms
  • Course and certification fees from the educational platform
  • Consultancy charges from Block-chain enabled projects and services
  • Fees from turnkey projects, AI enabled projects and other technological interventions on an as and when basis.

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